Sunday, September 11, 2011

JQuery Tutorial for Developers

This article contains links of all JQuery Tutorials, written by me over past few days.

  1. What is jQuery and explain basics about JQuery
  2. Advantages of JQuery over Ajax Control Toolkit
  3. JQuery Try it yourself Editor
  4. JQuery Selectors
    1. Tag/Element Selector Part 1
    2. Tag/Element Selector Part 2
    3. Multiple Selector
    4. CSS Class Selector
    5. ID Selector
    6. Attribute Selector
  5. JQuery Events
    1. Click Event
    2. Double Click Event
    3. Keydown Event, Keypress Event and Keyup Event
    4. Change Event
    5. Select Event
    6. Focus, Focus In and Focus Out Events
    7. Blur Event
    8. Bind Event
    9. Toggle Event
    10. Resize, Load and Unload Events
    11. Scroll Event
    12. Mouse down, Mouse Up Events
    13. Mouse Enter, Mouse Over and Mouse Leave Events
    14. Error Event
  6. JQuery Ajax
    1. Call Webservice using JQuery AJax (Without Input)
    2. Call Webservice using JQuery AJax (With Input)
    3. Call Webservice using JQuery AJax (With Multiple Input)
    4. Read Database Records using JQuery Ajax

**Please note: I am in middle of making JQuery Tutorial, so this page will be updating frequently until this tutorial is complete, their is lot to come yet.  I will be using this post as a placeholder to track my progress and making tutorial link list.


uday said...

very very useful tutorials on jquery

Vivek Gupta said...

Very simple and to the point. Just what I needed . Thanks a lot.

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