Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What is Gudiance Automation Extensions and Guidance Automation Toolkit

About Guidance Automation Toolkit
The Guidance Automation Extensions (GAX) expands the capabilities of Visual Studio by allowing architects and developers to run guidance packages, such as those included in Software Factories, which automate key development tasks from within the Visual Studio environment.
The Guidance Automation Toolkit (GAT) is a guidance package which allows architects to author rich, integrated user experiences for reusable assets including Software Factories, frameworks, and patterns. The resulting Guidance Packages, composed of templates, wizards and recipes, help developers build solutions in a way consistent with the architecture guidance. In order to use the Guidance Automation Toolkit, you must first install the Guidance Automation Extensions.

Understanding Guidance Automation Toolkit
Part 1:Introduction to the Guidance Automation June 2006 CTP
Part 2: Creating a Guidance Package
Part 3: Creating a C# project
Part 4: Adding project references
Part 5: Tuning the C# projects
Part 6: Generating classes

Guidance Automation Extensions and Guidance Automation Toolkit February 2008 Final Release
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