Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Download Sharepoint 2010 Virtual Machine

Download Sharepoint 2010 Virtual Machine

Finally Sharepoint 2010 Virtual PC Image is available to Download.

2) Read Installation Instruction of Installing VPC Image.

Important Note:
The Virtual Machines available for download is for 180 day evaluations.  Additionally they will require activation, or re-arming, after a 10 day period after which they will shut down after 2 hours of continuous operation.  To "re-arm" the Virtual Machines use the shortcut provided under Start > All Programs > re-arm > Re-arm Windows (restart required).  This will reset the grace period for 10 days.  This can be done twice.

1 comment:

rishi said...

this is a grate information about how to download sharepoint 2010 virtual machine.
i'll try it.

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