Monday, September 08, 2014

Solution: SSD Drive not getting detected on Win 10 OS

Recently I have purchase Samsung - 850 EVO 500GB Internal Serial ATA Solid State Drive for Laptops - Black (Model: MZ-75E500B)  in order to boost the performance of my laptop.

Issue:  SSD Drive was not getting detected on Win 10 OS.


This issue was occurring because SSD drive was new and their was no previous partition and disk was not been formatted.  Steps to overcome this problem:

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Click on Administrative Tools
  3. Click on Computer Management
  4. Double click on Disk Management from the left pane.
  5. Select the unlabeled drive from middle pane. i.e. Select SSD Drive which will be unlabeled.
  6. Select disk from lower pane and right click > New Simple Volume...
  7. Click Next to the wizard for Size and drive letter.
  8. And then give drive a volume label name of your choice and begin format.
  9. Ones formatting is completed it will show: Healthy (Primary Partition).
  10. Now your disk drive will appear in windows explorer.

Refer to this video for more details and exact steps on how to perform: Why can I not see my new SSD or hard drive?

Issue:  Samsung Data Migration for cloning was not working on Win 10.

Error: Samsung Data Migration Cloning failed target disk has been disconnected -00001 (ffffffff)


Samsung data migration utility CD which comes with SSD Drive hardware is still not compatible with Win 10, so you can either used different software for drive cloning or can degrade to previous version of windows on which samsung data migration utility will works just good.

Few other references you would find useful if run into any such issues:

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