Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Getting SQL Server admin access

Following commands will provide you admin access for SQL Server instance.

Step 1:  Run > Services.msc

Step 2: Stop SQL Server (Express)

Step 3: sc start mssql$sqlexpress -m -T3659 -T4010 -T4022

Step 4: sqlcmd -S [SQLInstanceName] -E
Example: sqlcmd -S ComputerName\sqlexpress -E

Step 5:
exec SP_ADDSRVROLEMEMBER 'domainname\username', 'sysadmin'

exec SP_ADDSRVROLEMEMBER 'domainname\vxp1122', 'sysadmin'

Step 6: sc start mssql$sqlexpress

We also have admin access for (localdb)\v11.0 

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