Sunday, September 16, 2007

20 Tips to Improve Application Performance

20 Tips to Improve Application Performance

  • Disable Session State
  • Output Buffering
  • Avoid Server-Side Validation
  • Repeater Control Good, DataList, DataGrid, and DataView controls Bad
  • Take advantage of HttpResponse.IsClientConnected before performing a large operation
  • Use HTTPServerUtility.Transfer instead of Response.Redirect
  • Always check Page.IsValid when using Validator Controls
  • Deploy with Release Build
  • Turn off Tracing
  • Page.IsPostBack is your friend
  • Avoid Exceptions
  • Caching is Possibly the number one tip!
  • Create Per-Request Cache
  • Use of StringBuilder for String Manipulation
  • Turn Off ViewState
  • Use Paging
  • Use the AppOffline.htm when updating binaries
  • Use ControlState and not ViewState for Controls
  • Use the Finally Method
  • Option Strict and Option Explicit
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