Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tool for checking Patterns and Practise in Web Application

It is very hard to implement best practise always while coding, so too make your task easy a Tool is available, which checks for Patterns and Practise Implementation in your application and will guide you wherever you are not following the rule.

Screenshot of Pattern and Practise Checker Tool

patterns & practices Practices Checker is a tool that helps you verify your applications against the patterns & practices performance recommendations for ASP.NET applications.

Advantage of using Patterns and Practice Checker Tool

  • User Practices Checker to help you perform a manual code inspection by analyzing your application for potential coding and configuration settings that do not adhere to the patterns & practices ASP.NET Performance Checklist.
  • Extend Practices Checker by allowing additional checklists to be created and checked.
  • Developers can utilize built in search routines to search intermediate language, static text files and .configuration files for specific code patterns or settings.

Check out a video on it here.

Download it here.

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