Thursday, June 12, 2008

AJAX Control Toolkit VS.Net 2008

AJAX Control Toolkit for Visual Studio.Net 2008.

AjaxControlToolkit-Framework3.5 - AJAX Control Toolkit targets the official release of .NET Framework 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008.

Download The AJAX Control Toolkit of .Net Framework 3.4 and VS.Net 2008

How To Add AJAX Control Toolkit to VS.Net 2008 Toolbox.
  • Download The AJAX Control Toolkit of .Net Framework 3.4 and VS.Net 2008
  • Extract the AJAXControlToolkit3.5.Zip File.
  • Open the SampleWebSite Project in VS.Net 2008
  • Compile the Project, so that it generates AjaxControlToolkit.dll File in Bin Folder of SampleWebSite Project of AJAX Control Toolkit.
  • Now, To add AJAX Control Toolkit to VS.Net 2008 Toolbox, right click the in Toolbox and Choose Add Tab from popup box

Type AJAX Control Toolkit as Tab name.

right click the AJAX Control Toolkit Tab in VS.Net 2008 Toolbox and select Choose Item from popup box

Browse for AJAXControlToolkit.dll file.

Go to location where SampleWebSite of AJAXControlToolkit resides and select AJAXControlToolkit.dll from Bin Folder

Thats it and you will see all the controls get populated. Note, with VS.Net 2008 you don't need to write configuration code in web.config as you do for VS.Net 2005.


Anonymous said...

This is useful; but it would be really useful if you could also show how to uninstall all the components.

Anonymous said...

Hey, nice article..!

Parvathaneni NagaVeerendra said...

my system operating system is microsoft windows xp service pack 3 with visual studio 2008 i follow the same steps to install the ajax tool kit.But it won't working is there any other softwares to install for working of Ajax tool kit please intimate iam new to this.Please send me the reply

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