Friday, June 06, 2008

Sharepoint Development Tutorial

Community Web Portal launch for Sharepoint Development

You will find Sharepoint Development

  • Quick Start for Sharepoint Development
  • Videos for Sharepoint Development
  • Presentation and Demos for Sharepoint Development
  • Prodcast for Sharepoint Development.
  • And lot more resource for Sharepoint Development


DotNetGuts said...

For Sharepoint Videos for beginners
Sharepoint Beginners Videos

Download Free Sharepoint Templates, easy to use templates
Free Sharepoint Templates

Latest News on Sharepoint Technology
Latest Sharepoint News

Anonymous said...


Ramesh said...

You are awesome, Thanks

DotNetGuts said...


Following is link for Keynotes video of Sharepoint Conference 2009
Sharepoint 2009 Conference Video

Sharepoint 2010 Video Tutorials
Sharepoint 2010 Video Tutorials

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