Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Code for Displaying Helpbox or Tipbox in Javascript

Helpbox or Tipbox is a small popup which will be displayed, when you mouseover that link. Code will allow full customization and it is easiest and simplest to understand.

  • Script is Browser Compatible.
  • It is simple Javascript, so can be used with simple HTML.
  • Format Helpbox as per your desire (change colorcodes, format and display style)
  • Display Helpbox where you want by changing x-axis and y-axis position.
  • You can attach a common text for all links. eg: click here...
  • You can use HTML Tag within displayed helptext
    • To meet your website style.
    • To break helptext to multiple lines
    • To Highlight Particular text and so on...

Preview in Mozilla Firefox

Preview in IE

Code for Script

Download Code File

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