Thursday, August 09, 2007

1 Year of Blogging in .Net

1 Year of Blogging in .Net

Many times people asked why we Blog?
There are many reasons and different people have different reasons of Blogging, but let me tell you why I have started blogging. It’s an online dairy which I used for future reference. Following are main reason which has encouraged me to start blogging.

  • Bookmark of useful link
  • Useful piece of code which I like to reuse in future
  • Tips and Tricks for Improving Programming (Better approach I learn)
  • Notes of mistakes which I have made and solution for it
  • Sharing of Views, News and Information
  • Earning Money (Recently I come to know that my daily habit can make me earn money!!!)

Favorite Blog Post
  1. Ease of applying Globalization and Localization
  2. .Net Layered Design
  3. DataBinder.Eval() Method
  4. 20 Essential Web Utilities
  5. Send Email from Gmail in 2.0
  6. Improving Performance of .Net Application by Avoiding unnecessary string creation
  7. Basic SEO Tips : Easy to adopt
  8. Motivation Idea-Kit
  9. One Line Quote for messenger
  10. School Chale Hum

Thanks to all readers for
  • Guiding me whenever I am wrong
  • Encouraging by appreciating work


sky said...

Great work man

I found really nice information as well as solutions on this blog.

Even you inspired me to start my own blog.

thanx for such nice informations

and i hope in future also you will provide us such great content.

thank you

DotNetGuts said...

Hey aakash, Thanks bro.

Keep Going Good Work

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Bhaia,
Its really special when you complete such a long time with your special blogging site. Great that you have complete a year...:)

My best wishes there always with Dotnetguts blog...keep up your blogging the best :)

Samiha Esha.

DotNetGuts said...

Hey esha,

Thanks for your wishes.

Keep Going Good Work sis.

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