Thursday, April 30, 2009

event.keycode problem Firefox

Solution for event.keycode problem for Firefox and Chrome

I was trying to identify which key is pressed by user  so that I can perform operation accordingly.  keyup event works perfectly with IE, but it was not behaving as expected for Firefox and Chrome.

Following is solution i came across to solve event.keycode problem for firefox (Fix to identify which key is pressed by user on IE, Firefox and Chrome)

function WhichKeyPress(e) {
 if (!e) {
  //if the browser did not pass the event 
  //information to the function, 
  //we will have to obtain it from the 
  //event register
  if (window.event) {
       //Internet Explorer
        e = window.event;
     } else {
       //total failure, we have no 
      //way of referencing the event
   if (typeof (e.keyCode) == 'number') {
      e = e.keyCode;
    } else if (typeof (e.which) == 'number') {
      //NS 4 compatible
      e = e.which;
    } else if (typeof (e.charCode) == 'number') {
     //also NS 6+, Mozilla 0.9+
      e = e.charCode;
    } else {
      //total failure, we have no way of obtaining the key code

I have called the above function in following manner.
<body onkeyup="WhichKeyPress();">

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