Sunday, May 17, 2009

Multiple Project in One Solution VS.Net - Enable Add New Project Option

Many times when you want to add Multiple Project in One Solution while working with different versions of VS.Net 2005, 2008... You find that solution is not shown, and that is the reason when you try to right click and "Add New Project" this option is not available.

Following is Solution for making Add New Project option available.  After enabling this option you would able to "Add New Projects" and thus create Multiple in Project in One solution.

Step 1: Select Tools menu in Visual Studio.

Step 2: Click on Options...

Step 3: Check "Show All Settings" at the bottom of popup-window

Step 4: Select "Projects and Solutions" from items available on left pane.

Step 5: Check "Always show solution" from right pane as shown in figure.


tigerwood2006 said...

Thanks, that's exactly what i am searching for. thank you

Anonymous said...

that's what i need .. so many thank

Clocks - Bakpaundut said...

Thank you for your instruction :)

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