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Simple Sharepoint Tutorial from Microsoft

You can download simplest sharepoint tutorial from Microsoft website.

Sharepoint Developers Guide is a collection of Web-based tools and technologies built on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 that help you store, share, and manage digital information within your company. This white paper describes the customization (or extensibility) capabilities that are supported with the Standard offering of SharePoint Online.

1 Getting Started
1.1 Welcome to the Microsoft SharePoint Online Developer’s Guide
1.2 About SharePoint Online
1.3 How SharePoint Online Works
1.4 Features of SharePoint Online Comparison of SharePoint Online Standard and Dedicated Offerings
1.5 SharePoint Online Standard Features at a Glance
1.6 Capabilities and Limitations of SharePoint Online
1.6.1 Customization Capabilities
1.6.2 Customization Limitations
1.7 Solution Scenario
2 Creating SharePoint Online Sites
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Selecting a Default Site Template
2.2.1 Differences between SharePoint Online and Office SharePoint Server
2.2.2 Collaboration Site Templates
2.2.3 Meetings Workspaces
2.2.4 Application Templates
2.3 Creating a Site Collection from the Microsoft Online Services Administration Center (MOAC)
2.4 Creating a Custom Site Template
2.5 Installing a Site Template
2.6 Removing a Site Template
2.7 Creating a New Site Using a Site Template
2.8 Example: Creating a New Site when Initiating a New Project
2.9 Example: Creating Blogs for the Knowledge Base in the Portal
3 Customizing SharePoint Online Applications
3.1 About Customizing SharePoint Online Applications
3.2 Customizing Through the Browser
3.2.1 Applying Themes
3.3 Customizing Master Pages Using SharePoint Designer 2007
3.3.1 Creating a Minimal Master Page
3.3.2 Creating a Master Page from the Default Master
3.4 Customizing Page Layouts
3.4.1 Opening a Page Layout for Editing
3.4.2 Adding Custom Content to a Page Layout
3.4.3 Inserting a Content Field
3.5 Customizing Cascading Style Sheets
3.5.1 Applying a Custom Style Sheet to a SharePoint Online Site
3.5.2 Example: Changing the Background Color of the Page Using CSS Tools in SharePoint Designer 2007
3.6 Managing Site Navigation in SharePoint Online Site
3.6.1 Navigation Editing and Sorting
3.7 Example: Designing the Home Page
3.7.1 Example: Changing the Banner Image
3.7.2 Example: Customizing the Home Page Navigation Bar
3.7.3 Example: Adding Custom CSS to the Master Page
4 Using a Data Form Web Part in SharePoint Online Applications
4.1 About the Data Form Web Part
4.1.1 Creating a Data Form Web Part Using SharePoint Designer
4.2 Examples: Adding, Editing, Deleting, Sorting, and Filtering List Items Using the Data Form Web Part
4.3 Sorting and Grouping Data in a Data View
4.4 Applying Conditional Formatting to a Data View
4.5 Connecting Form Web Part to another Web part
4.6 Example: Integrating Microsoft Live Search Web Service Using the Form Web Part
4.7 Example: Adding Page Numbers to a Data Form Web Part
5 Using SharePoint Online Web Services
5.1 List of Available SharePoint Online Web Services
5.2 List of Unsupported SharePoint Online Web Services
5.3 Example: Displaying All List Names from a SharePoint Online Site Collection
5.4 Example: Fetching List Collection Data from an SharePoint Online Site
5.5 Example: Fetching List Items from a SharePoint Online Site
6 Integrating Microsoft Silverlight with a SharePoint Online Page
6.1 Example: Using Silverlight to Fetch Data from a SharePoint Online Site Using Web Services
7 Workflows Using SharePoint Designer
7.1 About Workflows
7.2 Creating a No-Code Workflow Using SharePoint Designer
7.3 Collecting Data from the User and Processing It in the Workflow
7.4 Example: Send a SOW Document to the Project Manager for Review

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