Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sharepoint 2010 Training Videos

Sharepoint 2010 Getting Started Videos.

Following Videos are Good Sharepoint 2010 Training Material to Get Started

It contains Videos for Following Topics

Sharepoint 2010 Training Material for Free

Sharepoint 2010 Training Module 1: Videos for Sharepoint 2010 Web Part
  • Building Web Part in Sharepoint 2010
  • Standard Web Part
  • Development of Standard Web Part
  • Video for Understanding Visual Web Part
  • Visual Web Part in Action Video

Sharepoint 2010 Training Module 2: Videos on What Developer Must Know about Sharepoint 2010
  • Sharepoint for Developers
  • Types of Sharepoint Applications
  • Web Applications, Site Collections and Sites
  • Sharepoint 2010 Technology Stack
  • Sharepoint 2010 File System
  • How to build project items, Features and Solutions
  • Sharepoint Solutions in Visual Studio 2010
  • Sharepoint Solution deployment in Visual Studio 2010
  • Sharepoint 2010 Object Hierarchy
  • Sharepoint Farms

Sharepoint 2010 Training Module 3: Videos on Building Blocks for Web Part Development in Sharepoint 2010
  • Built-in Web Part
  • Built-in Sharepoint Controls
  • Web Part Building Blocks
  • Rendering data with Sharepoint Controls

Sharepoint 2010 Training Module 4: Videos on Accessing Sharepoint 2010 Data with Service-Side APIs
  • Accessing Sharepoint Data
  • Lists, List data and CAML
  • LINQ to Sharepoint
  • Document Libraries
  • What are content types?

Sharepoint 2010 Training Module 5: Videos on Accessing Sharepoint 2010 Data with Client-Side APIs
  • Consuming sharepoint data from Remote Applications
  • Using the client object model
  • Data and the client object model
  • Accessing Sharepoint data from a .Net Application
  • Silverlight Applications and the client object model
  • Silverlight Applications and CAML

Sharepoint 2010 Training Module 6: Videos on Accessing External Data with Business Connectivity Services in Sharepoint 2010
  • Overview of Business Connectivity Services
  • Business Connectivity Services Architecture
  • External Content Types and Business Connectivity Services
  • Developing for Business Connectivity Services

Sharepoint 2010 Training Module 7: Videos on Developing Business Processes with Sharepoint 2010 Workflows
  • Sharepoint Workflows
  • Creating Workflows in Sharepoint Designer
  • Creating Workflows in Visual Studio
  • Workflow Events
  • Creating Workflow Forms

Sharepoint 2010 Training Module 8: Videos on Creating Silverlight Interface for Sharepoint 2010 Solutions
  • Consuming Sharepoint objects and data in silverlight applications
  • Hosting Silverlight applications in Sharepoint
  • Building Silverlight Web Parts
  • Rendering Sharepoint data in Silverlight
  • Rendering Sharepoint Media files in Silverlight

Sharepoint 2010 Training Module 9: Videos on Sandboxed Solutions for Web Parts in Sharepoint 2010
  • Sandboxed Solutions in Sharepoint
  • Site Collections Solution Galleries
  • Capabilities and Elements in Sandboxed Solutions

Sharepoint 2010 Training Module 10: Videos on Creating Dialogs and Ribbon controls for Sharepoint 2010
  • New User Interfaces for Sharepoint 2010
  • Developing Ribbons controls
  • The Dialog Platform
  • Developing on the Dialog Platform

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