Saturday, September 17, 2011

Advantages of JQuery over Ajax Controls

JQuery has lot more advantages compare to ajax controls toolkit

  • JQuery is open source
  • JQuery is light weight, means its smaller in size and don't increase page size when load, hence page will load faster compare to page which are using ajax controls.
  • JQuery script file is cache-able,  most of the modern browser do cache of script, css and image files, which means JQuery script file is downloaded only ones when page is loaded for the first time, all subsequent calls to page using JQuery doesn't need to download it again and again.
  • JQuery has active community, it's very important that you consider community contribution to product. Ajax is mostly microsoft contributed and you won't find much free utilities, while JQuery is javascript based open source utility and it has huge technical audience and huge community contribution.  You will find lots of free plug and play utilities for JQuery, which is biggest advantage if you are in to rapid development environment.
  • JQuery can run on any html page, while ajax controls runs on web pages.
  • JQuery is not only used for Ajax, JQuery can be used for giving effects to your website like css changing or pop-up flashing and much more effects, which is not easily available with ajax controls.
I have try to list down few advantages above, but you will find much more ones you actually start using JQuery.

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