Monday, October 23, 2006

Tips and Tricks for coding

I enjoyed reading Tips and Tricks from ScottGu's Blog, it is really interesting.  Try to find out more detail from his blog.
Tip/Trick: Using Server Side Comments with ASP.NET 2.0 

You are coding away on an ASP.NET page, and are trying to isolate a problem within the page. You have some existing html/controls/markup/in-line code that is being used on the page, and you want to temporarily comment it out while you fix the problem.
ASP.NET supports a little known feature called “server-side comments” that you can use to completely disable code/controls/html in a page. Server-side comments in ASP.NET are delimited using a <%-- --%> syntax.

For more info for this tip :
For more Information on lots of coding tricks log to ScottGu's Blog :

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