Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Folder & Search Options in Vista

Folder & Search Options in Vista, a good discovery by Mr Vishal Gupta (MVP)

I always disable "Folder Options" in my windows, so that no one can change the options and no one can enable "show hidden files/folders" option. You can disable it either using "gpedit.msc" or using Registry Editor. Open regedit and goto:


Now in right-side pane, create a new DWORD value NoFolderOptions and set its value 1. It'll disable "Folder options".

But in Vista "Folder Options" and "Search Options" have been combined in a single option "Folder & Search Options". So if we disable "Folder Options" using registry editor or gpedit.msc in Vista. It doesn’t disable "Folder options" completely. I found that we can still access them by using following method:

Open "Search" and click on "Advanced Search" button. Now search for anything by typing something in Name, Tags or authors text boxes. After doing this, u'll get another toolbar under these options. Now click on "Search Tools -> Search Options" and whats that? U'll have full access to "Folder options". Every tab will be visible.

So whats the use of disabling "Folder Options"? IMO, Search Options should only show "Search" tab and not all tabs.

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