Monday, November 11, 2013

Understanding Flow of control for Hot Towel SPA Template

Like any other application HTS is not following default route of having Global.asax as starting point.  "I believe" this is not good and there are few other things which "I believe" you won't do it for your production code which we will be going to customize in upcoming blog post.

Flow of process for Hot Towel SPA template

  • App_Start/BreezeWebApiConfig.cs/RegisterBreezePreStart()
  • App_Start/HotTowelRouteConfig.cs/RegisterHotTowelPreStart()
  • Root/Global.asax/Application_Start()
  • App_Start/FilterConfig.cs/RegisterGlobalFilters()
  • App_Start/RouteConfig.cs/RegisterRoutes()
  • App_Start/HotTowelConfig.cs/PreStart()
  • Controllers/HotTowelController.cs/Index()
  • Views/HotTowel/Index.cshtml
  • App/Main.js/boot()
  • App/Shell.js/boot()
  • App/Home.js/activate()
Understanding of above process will be very helpful in customizing Hot Towel SPA template to suits your needs.

Situation where above process flow is very helpful
  • Customizing Application specific settings
  • Remove breeze and adding support for web api
  • Adding any more JS support.
In next post we will understand how to customize hot towel spa to suits your custom needs.

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