Friday, August 18, 2006 "Atlas" QuickStart

ASP.NET "Atlas" makes it easy to build rich, interactive Web-based applications for personalized Web experiences "Atlas" enables you to create Web applications that harness the power of the server and browser. This brings a richer, more responsive user experience to Web applications and reduces or eliminates the traditional need to perform postbacks to the server.

ASP.NET "Atlas" provides a framework that includes a suite of ASP.NET server controls, Web services, and JavaScript libraries. These features simplify and enhance application creation by providing controls and components that can be used from traditional JavaScript or from ASP.NET "Atlas" script. "Atlas" script enables you to create simple, declarative definitions of client controls, components, behaviors, and data binding, and to easily tie these to elements in the page.

ASP.NET "Atlas" Highlights:
Increased productivity
-Fewer concepts, fewer lines of code.
-Application and UI building blocks for common scenarios.

Easier to author, debug, and maintain
-Clean separation of content, style, behavior, and code.
-Well integrated with design and development tools.

Seamlessly integrated application model
-Works with ASP.NET pages and server controls.
-Enables access to ASP.NET-hosted Web services and components.

Works everywhere, cross-browser, standards based

Click here to Read QuickStart for Atlas

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