Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Autogeneration Tool, works same as my Programming Style Code (LLBLGen Pro )

I come across the Autogeneration tool which works same as my Programming Style Code. If you haven't browse my code thn just logon to

Go for Info about Autogeneration Tool :

LLBLGen Pro helps you build solid n-tier .NET applications fast and easy.

LLBLGen Pro is a real time saver for software developers: development time can be decreased by over 50%! LLBLGen Pro generates a complete data-access tier and business fa├žade/support tier for you (in C# or VB.NET), using an existing database schema set. In seconds.

LLBLGen Pro lets software developers focus on the real deal: business logic code, instead of them having to hammer out endless lists of almost the same routines. You design your database schema's with the abstract modelling tools you always use (for example a NIAM/ORM designer like Visio, or an E/R modeller), and LLBLGen Pro takes care of the rest. All you have to do next is modify some of the names LLBLGen Pro has given entities and fields if necessary, and generate code.

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