Monday, June 18, 2007

Difference between "==" and "object.equalsto"

What is the difference between "==" and "object.EqualsTo"

"==" Vs "Object.EqualsTo"

'==' only compares the value where as 'object.equalsto' compares the both value as well as type

Both are used for comparison and both returns the boolean value (true/false)

Case 1. In case a and b both are different datatype then also a.Equals(b) can be used to compare but incase of == we cant even compile the code if a and b are different data type

Example1 for "==" Vs "Object.EqualsTo":

int a=0;
string b="o";

//do something

//above code will compile successfully and internally the int b will convert to object type and compare

//do something
//above code will give you the compilation error

Case 2. by using == we cant compare two object but Equals method will able to compare both the object internally

Example 2 for "==" Vs "Object.EqualsTo":
a==b is used to compare references where as a.Equals(b) is used to compare the values they are having.
for e.g

class Mycar
string colour;
Mycar(string str)
colour = str;

Mycar a = new Mycar("blue");
Mycar b = new Mycar("blue");
a==b // Returns false
a.Equals(b) // Returns true

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