Sunday, June 24, 2007

New to .NET - Please suggest an approach to learn .net

A common question for every .Net Beginner is how do i start .Net, one such question i come across was exactly my question when i had started my career in .Net

I'm new to .NET and I want to learn .NET specially C# and
I've Java background, I mean to say I had Java as part of my

Can anyone suggest me what approach do I need to take inorder to
learn .NET.

If anyone has any good material on .NET Framework,C# and ASP.NET, I
would appreciate if you can forward it to me.

Approach 1:
You can start downloading video tutors @ ( or for series of video tutorial for beginners.

Approach 2:
You can also search for more video tutorials on google videos, youtube... or microsoft elearning site for webcast.

Approach 3:
You can also start with and its a good site to start with Soon will be launching so you will find lot
more there tooo.

Approach 4:
If you still want more links just type "c# tutorial" @ and u will find lot more relevant links.

Approach 5:
For best way to start is to purchase amit kalani's 70-315
book.... it explains each and everything in a very simple manner,
besides on completion of it u wud able to pass MCP paper 70-315.

I guess this will help to start with... ones u start knowing the things u will able to judge more which one is best for u...

Good Luck,
Welcome to .Net world

1 comment:

Jalpesh P. Vadgama said...

Thanks for your appreciations. I know him. I am member of

So when you are going to launch your website.

Keep doing good work.

Thanks again,

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