Friday, June 15, 2007

IIS Errors and Solution

  • Dynamic or Static Content Errors
  • Applications are denied access to resources
  • Requests for dynamic content return 404 error
  • Requests for static files return 404 error
  • Worker process recycling drops application session state
  • Server-side include directives (#include) return 404 error (for .stm files) or 0131 error (for .asp files)
  • ASP generates Permission Denied errors in event log for global.asa
  • CGI processes will not start
  • ASP.NET pages are returned as static files
  • Collaboration Data Objects for Windows NT Server fail
  • Connection Errors
  • Client requests receive 503 error
  • Anonymous accounts (IUSR_ computername) attempting sub-authentication logon receive 401 error
  • Clients cannot connect to server
  • UNC connections are denied access
  • Access denied to console applications in System32 directory
  • Client requests error-out or time-out
  • Miscellaneous Errors
  • File requests to UNIX or Linux server return wrong file or error
    Cannot locate /Scripts or /Msadc directory
  • ISAPI filter does not show up as "loaded" in UI

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