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Example of Polymorphism in .Net

Example of Polymorphism in .Net

What is Polymorphism?
Polymorphism means same operation may behave differently on different classes.
Example of Compile Time Polymorphism: Method Overloading
Example of Run Time Polymorphism: Method Overriding

Example of Compile Time Polymorphism

Method Overloading
- Method with same name but with different arguments is called method overloading.
- Method Overloading forms compile-time polymorphism.
- Example of Method Overloading:
class A1
void hello()
{ Console.WriteLine(“Hello”); }

void hello(string s)
{ Console.WriteLine(“Hello {0}”,s); }

Example of Run Time Polymorphism

Method Overriding
- Method overriding occurs when child class declares a method that has the same type arguments as a method declared by one of its superclass.
- Method overriding forms Run-time polymorphism.
- Note: By default functions are not virtual in C# and so you need to write “virtual” explicitly. While by default in Java each function are virtual.
- Example of Method Overriding:
Class parent
virtual void hello()
{ Console.WriteLine(“Hello from Parent”); }

Class child : parent
override void hello()
{ Console.WriteLine(“Hello from Child”); }

static void main()
parent objParent = new child();
Hello from Child.


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