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How do i get .Net Job?

How do i get .Net Job?

One of the Group member of ask the question, How do i get ".Net Job", Well this again common question. Here are few tips for getting Jobs in .Net, " Jobs", "C# Jobs", " Jobs".

Step 1:
Get the required knowledge of technology in which you want a Job.
I suggest you to refer this post if you are "New to .Net"

Step 2:
Collect FAQs for .Net, C#,,
.Net FAQs Links Collection

Step 3:
Judge your status of expertise and make a comfortable list of FAQ, which you can prepare. While preparing question checklist for interview don't forget to mark questions bold, which you feel important, so that it will be helpful during last minute reference.

Step 4:
Now you have gather enough knowledge to appear for interview, so next step comes is presentation, You need to market yourself. You need to understand the needs of a firm you are going to target, and present yourself accordingly.
Here are Few "Interview Presentation" Tips

Step 5:
Apply for Jobs. Find Jobs at popular websites like "", "", "", now a days a popular media to find job is on blog, so find jobs @ "" and such blog. Make sure that you have an effective resume before you apply. Considerate each application as opportunity, remember "God help those who help themselves", so never make careless effort. Company should feel your interest, earness and willingness for Job.

Step 6:
On Interview day, Dress yourself decent, professional and in which you feel comfortable. Be on Time.

Step 7:
Prepare a Backup checklist. It is not possible for everyone to know everything and even interviewer know that, so Show the points which differentiates you from others.
Example of How to show your specialities
a) Show that you are willing to learn new things.
b) How best you can handle situation during tuff moment. ie. Don't loose temper during tuff situation.
c) What you do if you don't know something. ie. Tell them i use forum to get answer of my query, I have subscribe to following helpful groups, GOOGLE best way to search your any questions.
d) Your programming style. Interviewer might be a programmer and he is looking for someone who writes good code which easily manageable, so if possible do preapre a small checklist of your programming style and keep forward to them.
e) Show your extra efforts, certification or any good work.

Step 8:
Follow-up email., after completion of your interview it is necessary to send a Follow-up email thanking them, it will last a longer impression and will give chance to considerate among other candidates.

Step 9:
If After applying all your best, you didn't get job, so dear friend don't loose the hope, this is the time for making you internally stronger, say yourself that some "Good Opportunity is waiting for you". If possible try reading some motivation books or thoughts which will inspire you, and refill a new energy to work hard. "" contains Motivationa and Inspiration stories, so if you feel bit down cheerup yourself, and get back on work, because without effort no gain.

Good Luck

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