Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Article on High Performance Asp.net Web Application

A good article on High Performance Asp.net Web Application, it contains some of the good points which are are uncommon from common checklist for High Performance asp.net web application.

10 Tips for Writing High-Performance Web Applications

Performance on the Data Tier
Tip 1—Return Multiple Resultsets
Tip 2—Paged Data Access
Tip 3—Connection Pooling
Tip 4—ASP.NET Cache API
Tip 5—Per-Request Caching
Tip 6—Background Processing
Tip 7—Page Output Caching and Proxy Servers
Tip 8—Run IIS 6.0 (If Only for Kernel Caching)
Tip 9—Use Gzip Compression
Tip 10—Server Control View State

1 comment:

ANIL BABU Mandla said...

Tell me how to integrate PAYPAL in my ASP.net Webpages?
Give me simple example source code using C#
plz help me

Step by step.........

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