Friday, September 28, 2007

Design Patterns Concept in .Net

Understanding Design Patterns Concept in .Net Step by Step

Design Patterns in VB.NET is specifically designed to help Software Architects and Programmers to take advantage of Gang of Four (GoF) design patterns so that they can build object-oriented software which is flexible, reusable and easy to maintain. You will find that application of the concepts which you learn in this school will require you to spend more time upfront, when you first design and code object-oriented programs. However, over time, the maintenance of your VB.NET, C# and Java OO-programs will become much easier, less time consuming and much less error-prone. Programmers who maintain their program functionality--which is coded using GoF design patterns--will find themselves less and less in crisis mode and increasingly able to to extend the functionality of their object-oriented programs. This holds true for both Java and .NET developers.

Creational Patterns

Structural Patterns
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Studying design patterns in VB.NET

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