Monday, October 29, 2007

Adding and viewing Sharepoint User for Sharepoint Home Site

Before Adding user make sure that User is already available in Windows Server 2003 - "Active directory users and computers"

Ok, lets take a quick overview on adding User Group to Active Directory in Windows Server 2003.

Step1: Start Menu - Control Pannel - Administrative Tools and in it Active directory users and computers.

Step2: Drill the Active Directory User and Computers and in it select the server, example on my PC i have named server as "MyServer" so need to drill "MyServer"
- And Expand Users directory

Step3: Right Click user directory and select New from popup menu and click user, to create new user.

And you are done creating user. Note: You have created user in windows server 2003, to make this user access sharepoint site it is necessary to assign proper permission.

So now logged in to sharepoint site as administrator and add user to visitor group as created in previous post.

Advise: Please refer previous post to create user group

Now, lets add user in to "Visitor Group" as created in previous post.

ok, now before adding already available user, lets enter some anonymous user and look what happen.

- As obvious, it will display me error, No exact match was found.

So if you want "sachin tendulkar" user to be added, follow the step as describe above.

Now, lets add user already created. i.e. "Harsh Patel".
- Two option to add, either write his email, name and click on check user button, so if user is available it would be underline, otherwise you can click browse button to search user and then add it.

ok, lets click browse button and find user with name harsh and add it.

After selecting valid user, its now turn to assign permission.
- Choose from Sharepoint User Group of permission already available or
- Give user permission directly.
Now as we want to add him to "Visitor" Group already created we will choose from drop-down of Sharepoint User Group.

Also check "Send Email" Check box if you want to send welcome email to user.

And click ok to create user.

Now, lets check whether user is created by opening Visitor Group.

Thats it, we are done with creating user.

- Created user in Windows 2003 Server.
- Created user in Sharepoint and assign permission and adding it appropriate sharepoint user group.

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