Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Reading XML Document in .Net

There are 3 preferable ways to read XML document.

  • XMLDocument Class - It allows to insert, update, delete or move a node.
  • XMLTextReader Class - It allows read data in fast forward-only manner.
  • XMLValidatingReader Class - It allows to validate XML document against Document Type Definition (DTD), XML Schema definition(XSD) and XML Data Reduced(XDR).

XMLTextReader and XMLValidatingReader Class is derived from XMLReader class which provides
  • fast,
  • non-cacheable,
  • read-only, and
  • forward-only access to XML data.

Choosing between XMLDocument, XMLTextReader and XMLValidatingReader Class.
  • Use XMLDocument when
    • You want to perform operation like Insert, Update and delete.
    • Memory is not a constraint
  • Use XMLTextReader when
    • You want to read data in forward-only manner.
    • When memory is constraint.
  • Use XMLValidatingReader when
    • You want to validate XML document against DTD, XSD and XDR.

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