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What is InfoPath - Microsoft Office Infopath

What is InfoPath - Microsoft Office Infopath 2007 or 2003?
Infopath can use to design a browser-compatible form template and publish it to a server that is running infopath form services. Users can then fill out forms that are based on your form template in a web browser or on a mobile device. In addition, Infopath Forms services provides a central location to store and manage form templates for your organization.

Where can I use Infopath?
What is the use of Infopath? or
Why I use Infopath?

  • With InfoPath, you can simply develop Web Services "hooks" that allow data to be submitted to and retrieved from a variety of applications. Developers can use InfoPath to quickly create new, feature-rich user interfaces to those legacy applications. This process is both much faster and less expensive than the task of re-engineering the legacy application, and can result in a huge cost saving.
  • You can transfer and re-use data with Infopath, as its base is XML and so its now easy to exchange data between two incompatible system.

Example of Infopath usage with application

Core Advantage of using Infopath
  • Ability to communicate between two Incompatible data format
  • Browser-Compatible Form
  • Broader usage scope, it gets easily integrable with other office product. example, you can easily export data to excel worksheet.
  • Offline support, InfoPath forms don't have to be filled out while a user is connected to a network. Users can save forms to their computer, work on them offline, and then submit them to the corporate network when they are reconnected.
  • Low cost and Fast Development
  • For more on Infopath Advantage and How Infopath works with other Microsoft Office Product.

Tutorial and Training on Infopath

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