Sunday, June 15, 2008

DropShadowExtender AJAX Dynamic Length Problem and Solution

DropShadowExtender AJAX Dynamic Length Problem and Solution

When you are using AJAX Control Toolkit Control DropShadowExtender, you might run into problem when you are trying to increase length of pannel control dynamically.

A Real Time Scenario: I have assign DropDownExtender to my Login Control pannel, but when i tried to display ValidationSummary error, its run into problem.

Before Validation Fires everything runs smooth.

Problem starts when you try to display Validation Summary message in pannel.

So the solution is

Just add TrackPosition="true" in your DropDownExtender control definition.

so it should finally look something like below code.

<cc1:DropShadowExtender ID="DropShadowNewUser" runat="server"

TargetControlID="pnlNewUser" Opacity="75" Radius="6" Rounded="true"



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