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Replacing Localization with Google Translate in Asp.net

Replacing Localization with Google Translate in Asp.net

Google Translate is constantly improving its Translate functionality, and moreover it is supporting lots of locale, so will it be solution for next generation asp.net web applications for atomizing translate functionality? Will Google Translate replace the localization and globalization concept in asp.net.

Example of Google Translate from English to Hindi Language

Example 1:

Example 2

Lets understand when and where solution provided by Google Translate is feasible, to implement in web application.

Advantage of using Google Translate over localization and globalization concept in asp.net

  • Google Translate is Free Service
  • No Extra Development Cost, No Translation Cost to web application development.
  • Google Translate supports following Langauges, which is lot compare to solution provided by developer.

Languages supported by google translate

Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese.

  • Google Translate, not only translate the localization resources, but it also translate the data into local language, which is the most important considerable point for choosing google translate over localization solution provided by asp.net web application.
  • Flexibility to switch between English and Local Language to get better understanding.

Disadvantages of using Google Translate over localization and globalization concept in asp.net

  • It is suitable in situation for web application which is specifically targeted to English audience, but it might require to be translated in other locales, just as extra functionality.
  • Image is not converted to Local Language.
  • Sometimes Translation changes the whole meaning of sentence, which is not acceptable depends on nature of application.

  • It displays google logo which is less preferred while developing enterprise level application.

Now depends on some of advantage and disadvantage identified by me, you can compare it with nature of your application.

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Treespace said...

Machine translation, even those with the unmatched quality of Google, are good for prototyping. They are not a replacement for human translation.

Find a foreign language site and translate it to your native language. You will get a lot of gibberish. Try a commercial product like SysTran (Yahoo uses that for babelfish) and you will think they had an illiterate three year old create the translations, and a high school CS drop-out to write their algorithm. What a joke. Google is lightyears ahead.

Simiyon said...

Hi Friends,i want to integrate google translation with my live chat application.we need to get any permission from google? or any other way to translate the text.plz help me.

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